Mole removal Brow & Cheek

Mole removal Brow & Cheek

Mole Removal – Brow & cheek

My patient had 2 mole (plural nevi) located
on his brow and cheek. He had one removed prior
however it grew back because the proper
technique wasn’t done. Therefore he came in to
have it removed for sure this time…

Treatment minimally invasive removal under
local anesthesia…

Procedure took about 15min form start to finish
Well tolerated, no bleeding, minimal down time
Stay tune for follow up…

At – Cipero 32 Medical Clinic Limited

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Call or Message for more information;
1 (868) 756-9646

#32 Gooding Village, Cipero Street
San Fernando, 3rd floor,
Trinidad W.I.

TULE – Lost

Special thanks to my Pt the V8 man…!!

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